Welcome to the homepage of the Magyary-Kossa mansion!
Located in the middle of Tolna county, in Gyönk, the Magyary-Kossa mansion, after a troubled past, is again in the hands of the original builder- and owner family, slowly awakening from its decade-long "Sleeping Beauty" dream.

The building, today classified as a historic place, was abused as a granary under the communist regime by the local state-owned collective farm, but is now throughout renewed. The mansion is being run as a mansion retreat, as a venue for private dining, and as a cultural meeting place, however everybody is welcome, even for a brief visit.

The region offers many attractions for abundant relaxation, from wine tourism to hunting, health- and wellness spa treatments.
Mansion retreat
Our mansion is not a hotel in the traditional sense of the word ...
Our guests arrive in a "live" mansion, to spend a few days as personal guests of the owner family. There is no uniform furnishing in the rooms, because every single piece of furniture has its own history as a period piece.

In our menu we aim to revive the today forgotten venison dishes and similar specialities of the former aristocratic cuisine. Our food is made from high quality ingredients, preferably using our own, organic or local raw materials, prepared in a healthy, traditional way, without the use of microwave ovens or artificial substitutes (e.g. margarine).
At present, we have three suites available, each furnished with a double bed, respectively with a third, full size bed.

The bedrooms are 36 m2 large (= 387 square feet), joined by a further 15 m2 (= 161 square feet) anteroom and bathroom.

One of the suites is equipped with a bath tub, and the other two with showers.

We are in the process of restoring two more suites, which will be furnished in the near future.
Our rooms are offered with half or full board.
Half board:
Ample breakfast
Five course dinner including drinks
During the day refreshments and fruit
Price for 1 person: 25.000,-Ft / 83,-
Price for 2 persons: 35.000,-Ft / 116,-
Price for 2 persons: 40.000,-Ft / 133,-
Full board:
Ample breakfast
Three course lunch including drinks
Afternoon tea / coffee
Five course dinner including drinks
During the day refreshments and fruit
Price for 1 person: 30.000,-Ft / 100,-
Price for 2 persons: 45.000,-Ft / 150,-
Price for 3 persons: 55.000,-Ft / 183,-
All meal prices include unlimited food and drink (wine, soft drinks, brandy) consumption.
For our meals we offer contemporary courses of the gentry cooking and specialities of today's cuisine.
Larded roe venison fillet with stewed fruit and wild rice
Venison à la 16th century with potato fritter
Venison provençale with potato croquettes
Tarragon lamb roast with cabbage dumplings
Saddle of lamb with garlic and spinach potatoes
Rabbit with rosemary, apple chutney and cooked potato slices
Rabbit with thyme prepared in a clay pot, with polenta
Fried duck thigh with apple and pear, served with potato fritter
Slowly cooked garlic pork neck of mangalitsa pig, with onion salsa and home style fried potatoes
Crispy knuckle of pork with steamed cabbage and mashed millet
„Private Dining“
Today's ever wider spreading private dining - contrary to feeding guests quickly and in large numbers - focuses on offering an extraordinary meal to a smaller company at table.
This type of dining presents, beyond the enjoyment of exquisite courses and wonderful wines, the possibility of a much more meaningful interchange in each other's company.
We would like to extend a hearty welcome to a group of 8 - 15 diners in our mansion, who appreciate a special dinner (or lunch) in an elegant environment.
In our menu we revive the former gentry cuisine's today forgotten game dishes and other specialities.
Our food is made from high quality ingredients, preferably using raw materials from our own organic or local production, prepared in a healthy, traditional way, without the use of a microwave oven or artificial substitutes (like margarine).
In our meals we offer dishes from the gentry cuisine of the period, as well as specialities of today, accompanied by different kinds of wines fitting the course.
We aim to use ingredients from our own production or from small local producers, and we pay particular attention to a healthy preparation.
Cost of a 5 course private dinner:
7-10.000,- Ft, depending on the menu, which includes unlimited food and drink (wines, soft drinks, brandy) consumption.
Please notify us at least 3-4 days before the date of your planned participation.
Magyary-Kossa Armalis
This is an ancient family from Csallóköz (a great river island between the Danube and the Little Danube, extending from Komárom to Pozsony), originally with an ancestral seat of Nagy- (=Great) and Kis- (=Little) magyar in Pozsony county.
There is occasional mention of the family in fifteenth century documents.
At the time of the renewal of their status of nobility towards the end of the sixteenth century, they alternatively use the Kossa, the Magyary and the Magyary-Kossa name.
The nobility, including the coat of arms, was confirmed in a document issued by King Rudolf on the 1st April 1599 in Prague, and was announced on the 14th December 1600 at the Bars county general assembly in the village of Kistapolcsány.
Also in Bars county, in the Léva district, is the locality, which gave the name to the title of the family: Nagysarló (lately Nagysalló).
The common ancestor of the widespread family is Peter Magyary-Kossa (1676-1720), bishop of the reformed church in Transdanubium, whose three sons originated the Tolna, Pest and Szolnok county main branches of the family, as well as the sidelines ending up in Heves, Bodrog and Bács-Bodrog county.
Today the family is scattered in the whole world, living besides Hungary in Austria, Germany, France, the United States, Canada and New Zealand.
The Magyary-Kossa mansion of Gyönk was built without interruptions in a baroque classicistic style, and can be seen today in its original form, like at the end of its construction. The building was ere cted at the then northern boundary of the village between 1837 and 1839, with bricks burnt and imprinted with the letters M S at Szabatonpuszta, the country estate of the family. The building contractor and owner, Samuel Magyary-Kossa (1781-1866), was first viscount of Tolna county.
Samuel Magyary-Kossa also had a valuable library in his mansion: "He has been adding to this library until the day he died, and when his new mansion was built in Gyönk, he dedicated a spacious room on the upper floor completely to the library." At the time of construction the mansion was at the edge of the village, extending from there to the north and the west was only the family estate.
There is a book about the events of the construction and the detailed history of the mansion by David Marcsa: The History of the Magyary-Kossa Mansion of Gyönk
The mansion was taken over by the local state-owned collective farm during the communism, first used for offices, and later abused as a granary.
After extensive planning and preparation, we finally succeeded to start the renewal of the mansion in 2011. The renovations are realised partly as a result of a competition, and partly by our own contributions.
Contact us

Address: HU-7064 Gyönk, Táncsics Mihály u. 468.

GPS: 46.556031,18.473988

Phone: +36 70 431 2773



The mansion is located next to the main road passing through Gyönk, the entrance is off a side street. Coming from Pincehely on the main road, turn right after the small catholic church (just before the fire brigade).

Arriving by car:

The forests around Gyönk are rich both in small and large game. Therefore we call your attention to the fact that the last 10-15 kilometres before Gyönk should be negotiated with extra care after dark due to wildlife hazard.

From Budapest:

- M6 motorway to Szedres exit, and then through Kölesd, or
- M7 motorway to Székesfehérvár, then take Route 63 to Cece, from there on Route 61 to Pincehely, and from the junction follow the sign to Gyönk

From Siófok:

- Route 65 after Tamási in direction Regöly, straight through Regöly and turn right at the T-junction after the railroad crossing (toward Kölesd).

From Szekszárd:

Route 65 to Harc, then from there through Kölesd.

By train:

On the Budapest-Pécs line to Keszőhidegkút-Gyönk station, or with the IC train to Pincehely. We pick up our guests from the train station.